Why study English Literature in the first place?

 The whole point of studying English Literature is for you to develop an enthusiasm for reading and studying drama, books and poetry, both now and in the future. Examiners really enjoying reading examination papers that show your enjoyment of the texts, that you’ve been inspired by your readings and leant important lessons about the world around you.

 It is really important that you convey your sense of enthusiasm for the texts and that you’ve understood how texts have influenced your understanding of different cultures, traditions and also the way in which they reflect values, assumptions and sense of identity in an ever changing world.

During the course of your study you should develop the ability to connect ideas, themes and issues from a range of books and become critical readers of both fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Wales you should also demonstrate, where applicable, an appreciation of Wales’ rich cultural heritage.

Whilst fiction during your GCSE course, you are continually developing skills that can be used at A Level, if you choose to continue your literature studies. Most importantly however, skills in reading, writing and communications are going to assist you in the workplace once you leave full-time education and the importance of them cannot be underestimated.