Of Mice and Men Revision Guide ( Section 6 )

Of Mice and Men Revision Guide ( Section 6 )


Of Mice & Men by John Steinbeck

Section 6 Unit 1

P: Aunt Clara disappears and is replaced, in Lennie’s imagination, by a, ‘gigantic rabbit.’ It is obvious that Lennie is going through a crisis of confidence, which he compounds through unkind criticism via the rabbit:


E:  You crazy bastard. You ain’t fit to lick the boots of no rabbit. (P143/L)                                   

E: Lennie is extremely self-critical as can be seen when he asserts, in the guise of the rabbit, ‘You ain’t worth a greased jack-pin to ram you into hell.’ The conversation becomes painful as Lennie destroys his own character by tapping into his greatest fears in life. The main tension being that George will eventually abandon him and he will be alone in a cruel world, ‘He gonna leave you, ya crazy bastard. He gonna leave ya all alone.’


It becomes clear that Lennie is having a complete nervous breakdown and has lost all sense of reality. Although Steinbeck does not moralise in the novel and pass judgement on the characters, it is clear that a defence is being built for George’s shooting of his friend. Lennie could not survive in a harsh prison system or an attack by Curley and the rest of the men on the ranch, who are closing in on him to demand retribution for the death of the woman.

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