An Inspector Calls Companion Revision Guide (Act 2)

An Inspector Calls Companion Revision Guide (Act 2)


This unique revision guide is broken down into a series of units and objectives to help pupils revise the whole text. It follows the PEE (point, evidence, explanation) code though the whole play mapping plot, characters, themes, historical context and use of language.


P: The Inspector uses his large physicality by, ‘massively taking charge,’ and insists that Sheila should stay because she needs to understand the impact that her selfish behaviour had on Eva Smith and she should not be spared the unpleasant details of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton’s tragic death:

E:   A girl died tonight. A pretty, lively sort of girl, who never did anybody any harm. But she died in misery and agony – hating life -     (P28/Insp)

E:  The Inspector delivers these lines with great dramatic impact but Sheila finds it difficult to face up to reality, ‘Don’t please – I know, I know – and I can’t stop thinking about it.’ This shows that in this paternalistic society middle class women were protected from the awful realities of life by men.

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Saved By The Teacher Companion Revision Notes  based on the PEE code (Point, Evidence, Explanation) are unique and unlike any other revision guides on the market because students and their parents can systematically track through the full text using a series of colour-coded buttons to help map plot, character development, themes, historical context and use of language.

Experienced teacher Sarah Haggar Batten has tested the Saved By The Revision Notes over many years and has gathered much evidence to suggest that revising texts in conjunction with PEE Guides help improve results by at least one grade.

These comprehensive revision notes provide the voice of a personal home tutor and equate to approximately 12 hours of expensive personal tutoring. They can also be used as part of the on-going revision process and can be revisited several times. At the end of the revision process students can lay down their texts and rely on the notes to support last minute revision.

Sarah Haggar Batten is happy to provide parents, carers and students with further support and guidance via email in the first instance: