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Whole-Text Revision Guides

Unique whole text GCSE & A Level ebook revision guides for students and parents.

Saved By The Teacher Revision Guides have been written by experienced teacher Sarah Haggar Batten, who has wide experience of teaching the texts to GCSE and A Level students over many years and who understands their strengths and weaknesses. Many candidates experience difficulty revising English Literature because of the complexity of texts and also because of the subjective nature of literature. Often students simply lack the confidence to deal with lengthy texts and express ideas and opinions with confidence.

Unlike most revision guides, that deal with plot characters and themes under separate headings, Saved By The Teacher Revision Guides (ebooks) follow the PEE (point, evidence, explanation) code though entire texts and systematically track character, theme, form and structure of texts.

Texts are broken down into a series of Units and Objectives to help make lengthy texts manageable to revise for closed-book examinations. Points made about characters, themes, historical context and use of language are colour coded throughout guides to help students identify these aspects of the text in context.

Guides also hit the assessment objectives that pupils need to address in order to achieve high grades in public examinations.

The guidance and advice contained within these innovative revision guides have been proved to improve upon predicted grades.

Guides are the equivalent to approximately 12 hours of private tutoring.

Contact Sarah for free personal support and guidance or book Skype tutoring for GCSE/A Level English Literature, English Language and Drama and Theatre Studies.


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Set in 1912 in the home of the Illustrious Birling family, an Inspector interrupts their evening of celebration to inform the family of a young woman's suicide. The inspectors investigations aim to discover the events leading up to this young woman's death, one by one he interrogates the family to piece together the truth of Eva Smith's unfortunate life.


George Milton and Lennie Small two itinerant worker go in search of their version of the American Dream during the Great Depression of the 1930s.